Neuroscience at the heart of our solutions
Our solutions combines Neurosciences, behavioural sciences and AI to help you move from intentions to actions at all levels of your organisation.
Founder Kaktus AI Ex-Neurosurgeon, NHS Clinical Entrepreneur and Neuroscientist
First-ever, AI-enabled platform
works to early detect and diagnose mental health related-challenges in workplaces!
Kaktus AI is customisable, segmental and modular. With all-in-one platform, your people and organisation's wellbeing got sorted!
Disconnected data, Lack of Transparency, Lack of practicality!
A distinct, disconnected, inferior-quality dataset created at companies with tool-abundance in the workplace. current software's handling employee wellbeing are domain-focused led to scattered data and misleading insights in a semi-remote world. None of the other tools early predict mental wellbeing status in the workplaces, they just provide a generic workplace/employees support processes
It’s all about the right approach
Kakus AI combine of HR engagement and mental wellbeing in workplaces in one platform with Innovative AI tools KaktusBrain© enbaling early perdiction/diganosis in a personalised anonymous reporting systems.
KaktusAI conducts fundamental research toward the creation of early prediction diagnosis of mental health issues!
Our Research & Development team is continuously improving our solutions with long-term research utilising the latest advances in Neurosciences.
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Kaktus Connect
Kakus AI combine of HR engagemet and mental wellbeing
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Kaktus Engage
Kakus AI combine of HR engagemet and mental wellbeing
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