Smart Surveys Technology

Segmented on-demand surveys, customised based on your needs. this means you can schedule what to ask to whom and when to ask. Our technology helps you determine everything with ready-to-build smart scheduling system.

No more admin — Real-time insights

Our superior overview dashboard analyses all data automatically in real time. we make it easy for you to navigate through your teams, segments and modules analytics and share or download reports with one click!

Advanced AI Technology

Our Nature language processing tools gather all data inputs and feedback across all layers of your organisation, teams and people to create personalised actions that match your company’s unique key strategic goals and KPIs.

Our Modules

Every organisation has a unique set of strategic goals, that’s why we build our modular surveying system to cover all areas of your workplace needs. With +500 scientifically targeted questions, all areas of your workplaces got covered!

Wellbeing-forward  approach

Understand your people - Kaktus communication dashboard provides you with an in-depth rich insights helping you monitor your workplace behaviour internally and externally - Your customer's relationships. Build your KPIs with confidence, notice high talents in all departments and detect over-working signals!

Reimagine Workplace Engagement

Schedule the right survey, for the right people at the right time. No more time wasted. Seamless intelligent feedback tool with real-time insights. Increase manager effectiveness across complex organisations structures!

Understand your people journey

You can learn what really matters to each employee at every stage of their employment! Identify and address your people's needs from onboarding to exit. fulfil their journey with the development they need most! Kaktus delivers targeted modules to monitor your people's journey!

Early detect people turnover

Identify the real causes behind employee turnover. Kaktus monitor and analysis longitudinal modular feedback to give a true indication of your people's wellbeing! We predict early signs of risks and provide you with accurate real-time notifications to optimise your retention strategy.

Gather feedback on everything that matters

Don’t let underrepresented groups get lost in the data. Ensure building new attributes to include all your people’s voices. Create segments the way you like to gather feedback that matters to your organisation!

Alert Misconduct in  Real-time

Encourage more transparent feedback using our 360 feedback module. Empower your employees to raise critical issues anonymously. Kaktus NLP prioritises cases of misconduct and alerts key stakeholders in real-time.

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