Kaktus AI GDPR Commitment

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is now in effect, and Kaktus is here to support you in meeting its requirements. We at Kaktus are committed to processing personal data securely and respecting privacy of the concerned individuals

What is GDPR?

- We have designed our platform and Data processing Agreement to give you options andput you in full control. The powerful setting in Kaktus empowers you to control who can see and manage sensitive data. We ensure that you as an employees are always in control of your personal data. With anonymity and data aggregation features to give options and put you in full control and to build the necessary trust between us.

How Kaktus AI Protects Your data?

- Employees have the right to delete and request their personal data is removed and deleted from our platform.
- Whether or not your organization is based in the EU, all businesses that control or process personal information of EU citizens have to do so in accordance with the GDPR requirements.
- As an employer, this means that you are responsible for ensuring that the personal information of your EU citizen employees is processed in accordance with the GDPR requirements.
- Because of this, you are also responsible for ensuring that any workplace service providers that you use will process the personal information of your EU citizen employees in accordance with the GDPR requirements.
- All data is stored in secure servers and is protected by strict rules and protocols. When handling any customer data, we are mindful of your privacy.

Kaktus AI Commitment Of Support In Your Organization’s GDPR Compliance.

1. Kaktus Contractual Terms and agreements Reflect GDPR Requirements
a. Kaktus will assist you with requests from your employees regarding their personal information that is processed using our services.
b. In line with GDPR Article 12 we offer a variety of resources so that employees understand how we process data, as well as the security and anonymity offered.
c. All our subcontractors are GDPR compliant, i.e AWS. d. We will state the obligations of Kaktus, the Data Processor, and you, the Data Controller.

2. Kaktus AI secure Infrastructures
a. We are committed to maintaining appropriate technical and organisational security measures to protect your employees’ personal data in line with GDPR rules.
b. We ensure that all your employees’  personal information is encrypted, noth in transit and at rest.
c. Our platform design gives you the full control of your data with hierarchical access control level to ensure anonymity.
d. For more details regarding Kaktus commitment to invest in it’s security
infrastructure, please contact team-uk@kaktus.ai

3. Kaktus AI Complies With GDPR International Data Transfer Mechanisms.
a. GDPR does not require personal information of EU citizens to be stored in the EU. GDPR does, however, require transfers of EU citizens’ personal information
outside of the EU to comply with certain international data transfer standards. One of these standards is that prior to transferring an EU citizen’s personal
information to a third country, the European Commission must have decided that the third country ensures an adequate level of protection. Kaktus is committed to
ensuring that all transfers of your employees’ personal information are and will be in compliance with the required international data transfer standards.

Please contact us if you have any GDPR-specifice question at team-uk@kaktus.ai