Does Kaktus offer Longer-term contracts?

Yes, we offer contracts and agreements that match the customer's future costs and goals. the minimum agreement term is 12 month.

Does Kaktus offer onboarding support?

Yes, we do and for FREE. Whether you are an SME or a Large enterprise, we got you covered!

Is there a cost attached to onboarding and set-up?

Your subscription covers onboarding support. We provide you with the support to launch your Kaktus.

How easy is it for employee to participate in surveys?

Kaktus AI smart surveying process build to make it easy for employees to take part in surveys with offline features, where they don’t have to complete on one set. and made it simple for the employer to build custom, standard or choose form templates and modules of 500 questions.

How flexible is Kaktus segmental and modular system?

You can create your hierarchical systems. build your numerical, date or option attributes and segments.

Who can access the admin dashboard?

You can choose who can have access. We have different layers of access. Managers, admins and team leaders. You can set up the access control in they way that matches your company’s reporting system!

Does Kaktus protect employee confidentially?

How Quickly can we get started?

It depends on your team size and the sector and level of your workplace's layers and complexity. SMEs are ready to hit the ground running in one week. Larger companies are typically ready within two to four weeks. We got you covered with the onboarding process.

What areas of HR, Kaktus can help in?

Employee experiences, engagement, performance reviews, mental wellbeing analytics, and customer relationships. all internal relationships, recognition and rewards plus develop and behavioural change.

Does Kaktus offer discounts?

Yes we do for NGO.s and longer-term agreements

How do I cancel my plan?

You can cancel anytime (subject to any agreement in place) and you can delete all your data as you see convenient. You are in control of your data.

What languages is Kaktus support?

Kaktus is available in English, Arabic and Turkish. talk to our support team for further assistance

Can I try Kaktus before paying?

Yes, indeed! You can test Kaktus for free for 14 days — no credit card required and a demo dashboard built-in to give you a holistic overview!