Our Story

It all started at Imperial College London

Over the recent years, there has been a significant rise in work-related mental health challenges, and this had led to a number of solutions in the market aimed at addressing this. We took a novel approach to address this challenge by combining our clinical expertise with cutting-edge techniques that includes various aspects of psychological analysis and artificial intelligence (AI) to tackle the early signs of corporate wellness deterioration. We combine the right neuroscience and behavioural sciences approaches with AI models to enable early prediction diagnosis of related mental health challenges.
We started in 2019, through MedTech SupperConnector and Imperial enterprise lab. We founded Kaktus AI with a mission to tackle the global mental health crisis! Our early adopters love our innovation. In 2022 we have been awarded the prestigious Innovate UK grant representing the mental well-being scope through developing innovations that support the self-management of mental well-being.
Our mission goes beyond just building great business software. We are on a mission to improve mental wellbeing in the workplace ensuring that Artificial intelligence benefits people with early diagnosis mental health issues. Our main focus is to innovate smart tools to monitor and predict mental wellbeing issues directly associated with workplace productivity! To enable organisations to build a safe and happy culture and workplace and empower people to lead more fulfilling lives!
Shape the future of mental health diagnostics with AI
Founder Kaktus AI Ex-Neurosurgeon, NHS Clinical Entrepreneur and Neuroscientist