Build your company with Endless segments!

Our dynamic, segmental system enables you to build your own hierarchical segments and cover all layers of your organisation before onboarding. Not only this, but we have built many attributes to filter and segment in numbers, values or options.

Measure Diversity and Inclusive culture

Each employee's journey is different. Understanding the differences is the first step to adopting a more inclusive culture. We provide you with the tool to build and monitor your employee's experiences with ready-to-use modules covering all areas!

Build Employee Experience with Accuracy

After using our extensive modular libraries. Our Intelligent software will provide you with a real-time picture of your employee experience. You can download your employee's reports with true indicators of their real-time performance, engagement and actions

Grow your teams

In order to grow, they need to know - We made it easy for employees to understand their current performance and development needs. Our platform empowers everyone to develop adopting a secure personalised approach so that the behavioural change comes from the bottom up!

Foster a Trust culture!

Talking about mental wellbeing is not easy! we build Kaktus with this message at its core. Employees have their own access to their personalized dashboard where they can see all their actions, and insights and set their sharing preferences and anonymity features!

Save Hours and Money

No More traditional performance reviews where you spend time and money gathering all data in one place. We provide you with an ongoing, data-driven dashboard that covers all metrics of your review at all levels in one place and you can download the compulsive report with one click.

Compensation decisions made simple

Let our Comprehensive Performance Dashboard help you make a well-informed compensation decision. Real-time insights and benchmark reviews at individual and departmental levels across your entire company made the compensation review process simple.

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