Reimagine your employee development program

Cognitive biases prevent us from translating knowledge into actions. With our powerful AI platform, you can shift from intention to actions using nudges.

We translate your insights into

Nudges can help you build the habits and routines to embed your strategic planning process in your day-to-day.

You can measure everything at scale!

Imagine you’re using quarterly OKRs through each department at all layers —— Why not create Nudges with targeted checklists that prompts people to share key activities that will help achieve their OKRs and KPIs at scale?

Custom Nudges to match all team's work-style

If you use agile methodologies, try creating Nudges that serve as a daily stand-up, prompting the team to share what they did yesterday, plans for today, and any blockers.

Your people choose the actions to carry out!

We believe in order to initiate behavioural change and cultural improvement at scale. You have to start with small and simple actions (what we call) Nudges. share them with your individuals, teams or the whole company!

Get things done!

Establish a link between your guided engagement analytics and your business KPIs. Kaktus powerful visualisation tool enables you to uncover unhealthy patterns across your organisation and provide you with action planning tool to take actions.

Create Nudges in the blink of an Eye

Simple, straightforward forward and covers all layers. You can create an action, add a description, tag it, add the checklist and choose who to share with! Nudge techniques are design features which encourage behavioural change in your organisation!

What’s a behavioural nudge?

It’s a way of using psychological insights from our KaktusBrain tool to influence your organisation's behaviour. This method will enhance your workplace decision-making and re-fram how your people perceive questions and tasks!

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