Protect your most valuable company asset
Employees are the most valuable asset of any company. Building a vibrant and successful company requires a well managed workplace culture and employee wellbeing.
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All-in-one approach
Introducing the second generation, zero-admin, tools, revolutionising HR sectors through comprehensive disruption. Our advanced automation, predictive analytics, and generative AI capabilities redefine the current landscape

Revolutionary AI-Powered Platform for Early Detection and Diagnosis of Mental Health Challenges in the Workplace - Paving the Way for Optimal Employee Well-Being and a Fulfilling Workplace Culture!

AI-powered platform that enables you to map, monitor and boost your workplace culture and wellbeing in real-time. With real-time insights and analytics, Kaktus AI empowers employees by enabling them to take full control of their mental wellbeing in workplace - thereby helping leaders to create a strong ethos within their organisations

Kaktus AI combines all pillars of HR engagement, recognition and mental wellbeing in one solution with powerful AI analytics tools.

Track organisation Wellbeing
KaktusBrain is the computing intelligence behind our platform, which uses AI to learn mental health triggers and identify early indicators of stress, anxiety and mental illness. AI models to mine user communications. Provide customised individual & teams real-time prediction diagnosis/validation for the mental wellbeing status. Current models Work-related stress, Mood, Depression and Anxiety.
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Understand what matters
Make all talents feel home. We enable leaders to build a tailored segmented organization and monitor people's performance at all layers with our smart surveying tool which combine 15 modules (+500 questions) + a re-imagined 360 reporting system!
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Get things Done
You can take behavioural actions to transform your workplace culture. Our behavioural science approach enables you to create micro-actions at scale to drive change in your organisation! Empower employees with behavioural science nudges to boost performance and adopt healthy behaviour.
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Boost people management
Create a unique employees experience with seamless, flexible and automated systems. Our solutions help you build your won customised organisation processes that boost your people management approach in even highly complex organisations!
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Celebrate achievements
Build a gratitude culture with our recognition solution. Show people that their work is valued, boost productivity and make all talents feel home! Motivate your staff and improve loyalty and engagement!
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Reward Personally!
Go beyond traditional rewards by creating your custom rewards to fit your own culture and teams! With our platform, you can design your rewards and recognition program. Share your rewards in your company Marketplace - with ease!
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What makes Kaktus AI special?
Kaktus AI is a one-of-a-kind platform that combines Artificial Intelligence, people's voice, behavioural nudge system and tailored company-building tools in one place enabling you to build a high-performance and resilient organisation!
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We Translate your organisations insights into actions
Thanks to our Nudge technology system, you can transform your workplace behaviour at scale. Understand your teams and transform the knowledge we provide you in the connect tool into meaningful actions tailored to each individual and team!
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We Measure everything at all levels
Our powerful AI- analytics covers all areas of your organisation. whether the team works remotely or in the office. Whether you are a startup, SME or large enterprise with a complex international structure, we got you covered! Our AI-powered software maps your organisation and provides real-time insights and analytics!
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We Put insights to work
Kaktus AI is designed to translate your employee's feedback and put your company’s feedback to work! From Increasing productivity during hard times to behavioral-changing nudges. You will align your teams and managers to your vision!
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We made it easier to accurately create a physiological safe workplace with AI.
Our AI-powered software (KaktusBrain) provides you with real-time performance and wellbeing insights and analytics that help you make well-informed decisions and monitor all behaviours in workplaces. KaktusBrain predicts early performance and mental wellness decline indicators and assigns action plans, for you to focus on impact.
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Your employees choose - No more Hassle
We empower your employees to track, assess, and understand their well-being through their pesronal portals. The employees portal enables an extra layer of anonymity for employees to share their thoughts confidentially and freely! Employees and managers have separate portals, protecting employees' privacy while maintaining an effective workplace.
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